Whether it is your first time renting or you have rented for years, there is always things to learn and know about being a tenant. It is always a good idea to take a look at the tenancy board to know all of your rights as a tenant.

Tenant's Guide - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/tenants.asp

Landlord's Guide - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/landlord.asp

Residential Tenancies Guides - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/guides.asp

Program Policies - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/policies.asp

Annual Allowable Rent Increase Amount - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/allowable-rent-Increase.asp

Tenancies Glossary - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies/definitions.asp

Contact - https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/contact.asp
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